Campus - Holy Spirit University of Atlanta

Hybrid Campus

The University offers cutting-edge programs in a spectrum of highly marketable fields at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree levels in addition to a number of specialized Certificate options. With its Flagship In Tampa, Florida US, the institution’s programs are available internationally, via several blended delivery modes.

Such hybrid models offer maximized learning opportunities for those prepared and eager to further their education and to enhance their professional standing.

Global Network

Creative Approach

UOA offers a creative and energetic approach to learning. Unlike traditional education, we are focused on adding a human touch to the high technology of web learning.

Interactive and User Friendly

Education is created around the principle of using advanced technology and enhanced delivery methods to make classes easy to access and use.

Alumni Benefits

All alumni are allowed to a wide range of free and heavily discounted benefits and services.

Building up Confidence

Holy Spirit University of Atlanta encourages the students to participate and share their experiences in reaching their academic, personal and professional potential.

Counseling Services

We help in providing proper guide to the students who are facing problem in their professional studies.

Educational Benefits

Holy Spirit University of Atlanta participates in all applicable programs for veterans, servicepersons and their dependents.