Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta is to provide broad access to an array of distinctive professionally-focused programs in an exclusively online environment to eligible, motivated student-candidates; to foster sharp critical thinking, effective communication, a spirit of lifelong inquiry, significant disciplinary competence enhanced by a comprehensive world-view; and to impart the knowledge-base, tools and skills essential to success and advancement in a global society.

Institutional mission-related objectives

  • To provide students with relevant and comprehensive career-focused curricula consistent with the most updated research and information in the given field.
  • To ensure that those enrolled in each program acquire the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to fulfill personal and professional goals; that they are fully equipped to be competitive, productive members of the workforce; that they are thus empowered to launch, enhance or alter careers and to contribute significantly to the organizations, communities and society of which they are a part.
  • To confirm that every course experience fosters the development of sharp critical thinking and honed communicative skills, in conformity with the institution’s “skill-building across the curriculum” commitment.
  • To uphold the highest distance learning standards by providing state-of-the-art technological resources and support, an array of supplementary learning materials and regular access to highly-qualified subject specialists who will guide and sustain them through their studies.
  • To foster an understanding of global issues and a sensitivity to, and respect for, cultural and individual difference. And finally:
  • To welcome a broad and diverse student population, apt to profit from the rigorous yet supportive learning environment which characterizes the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta.