Student Affairs

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta!

The Division of Student Affairs is deeply committed to the educational mission of the University. We understand that education is more than academic knowledge; it is certainly an ongoing process. In that spirit, in addition to our degree programs, we also offer a range of Certificate programs that foster life-long learning. Student-focused in our approach, we particularly foster diversity and multiculturalism—by honoring different learning needs and styles in our students.

Our Web site provides you with information about a range of programs, policies and services that are available to you. No matter which part of the globe you reside in, it is our goal to engage you in the life of our campus by doing everything that will enhance your experience here.

The Division of Student Affairs comprises of diverse departments that help to uphold and enhance the student experience at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta. For example, Orientation Services helps orient new students to the distance learning module. You can contact Student Support Services for help on any personal or learning issue. Judicial Services offers assistance with any student grievance. (Many other departments are under construction.) Though we have automated many of our services, making them available for the convenience of our students at all times, we recognize the need for and value of live and personal assistance. Rest assured, upon contact, our caring staff will either help you directly, or forward you to the appropriate party.

The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta is a young University with a mission to produce educated, globally-aware and culturally-sensitive students who will be intellectually and emotionally prepared to continue the University mission to create a brighter tomorrow and take their place in this world.

We sincerely hope that you will take the time to sample the many new opportunities for growth at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta.