UoAUoAUoA Holy Spirit University of Atlanta Admissions

HSUA Admissions

The programs at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta are delivered on campus* via the hybrid learning model or by completely online instruction. Students order books, review course syllabi and access assignment specifications and schedules online. Throughout the process, work is closely monitored by the course instructor -- who grades and returns written papers, who responds to content-related inquiries, and who provides guidance, supplementary materials, as suitable, and resource acquisition information. It is the instructor, too, who engages the student in active learning (via classroom instructions, email exchanges, peer chats, message boards, co-participatory projects), and tracks student progress through the course. This process is underpinned and supported by the Division of Student Services, where administrative staff maintains contact with students and track rates of progress, thus fortifying the efforts of the instructional corps. All students have access to the E-Global library and to a wide spectrum of online source materials to sustain the learning experience and to allow for in-depth pursuit of focused investigation and analysis. The asynchronous model provides the opportunity to self-pace and affords each the option to adopt a study paradigm consonant with his or her individual style of learning.

Communications in the Virtual Campus are largely asynchronous rather than real-time, based on an explicit model designed for a talented but diverse student population. While this naturally imposes what some deem limitations, in point of fact, it largely expands learning possibilities. Asynchronous communications result in increased access for students (functionally: 24/7, worldwide, whatever the time zone) who are empowered to control the time and place of their participation and their rate of progress. Asynchronous communications further enable students to synthesize material at their own rate of assimilation and to provide well-thought out responses. Paradoxically but understandably, the asynchronous model maximizes such options and is, at the same time, structured to accommodate a broader diversity of student needs and individualized sets of life-circumstances, without compromising the quality of the educational experience.

All programs offered by HSUA blend academic rigor with ample flexibility, independent learning with plentiful student support, cutting-edge learning strategies with comprehensive curricula, high standards with ultimate recognition of professional attainments. The design in place is one that fosters both scholastic and professional success alike. Excellence is surely the proud and unwavering hallmark of the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta.