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Computer and Information Science

School of computer science offers student with detailed training and also provides with the foundation of computing concepts, data storage, networking and other similar concepts related to computer sciences.

Students will also learn the latest development in the field of computing such programming and software development. Students will be introduced to different platforms that are being used all over the world. Students after covering their program will gain skills and knowledge. Students will be able to implement the knowledge into real world situation after completing their program at Holy Spirit University of Atlanta.

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Holy Spirit University of Atlanta is renowned for creating leaders who work toward a creating a better tomorrow through the knowledge and skills they have acquired out of their UoA professional studies.

Undergraduate courses in Computer and Information
Post Graduate courses in Computer and Information
Alumni Network

Holy Spirit University of Atlanta has a huge global network of students spread across the globe. This has helped the students of Holy Spirit University of Atlanta in acquiring great job opportunities

Fees And Funding

We believe that your financial constraints should not stop you from pursuing your desired education. That’s why we have carefully developed financial aid plans, scholarships for one, so our education can become easier to access even for those who can’t afford traditional higher studies.


Our Faculty researchers have played a significant role in contributing positively towards the industries development, discoveries and innovative programs which are now being followed all over the globe.