UoA Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration

Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Administration

The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta’s Online Program leading to the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is a premier certificate program at the advanced level. In a rapidly changing national and international healthcare arena, this program will prove of particular benefit to:
  • Professionals trained in medicine, nursing, occupational or physical therapy, pharmacy or other allied healthcare professions.
  • Non-clinical professionals in related fields such as the insurance industry, government agencies, human service agencies, non-profits and for-profit companies in healthcare
  • Students currently completing graduate studies in medicine, nursing, occupational or physical therapy, pharmacy, other healthcare professions or master’s programs in Business Administration or Public Administration.
  • Anyone interested in a career in healthcare administration or in taking a leadership role in a healthcare related field while making progress toward a certificate and potential job advancement.
Under the guidance of distinguished University of Atlanta faculty, program participants will develop:
  • Skills to assess, plan, and evaluate decisions in the healthcare environment Ability to facilitate critical partnerships and collaboration
  • An understanding of the importance of leadership in healthcare administration
  • Communication and information technology skills
  • A broad ethical framework for making leadership decisions
  • Competitive advantage with enhanced skills to lead and manage an organization.

Broad Objectives of the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration Program

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is designed to complement your current level of healthcare experience and improve your leadership and management skills within the healthcare environment. Advanced level courses are interdisciplinary to meet the needs of a diverse healthcare industry, while focusing on several core competencies. The Program (including the final, intensive project) is designed so that graduates will ideally:
  • Understand the basic structure, driving forces of change, performance characteristics, and strengths and weaknesses of the US healthcare system.
  • Improve critical thinking and communication skills in framing, analyzing, and interpreting the meaning and consequences of healthcare policy issues.
  • Develop the ability to compare, contrast, and appreciate conflicting viewpoints, different disciplines, and diverse interpretations of US healthcare performance, structure and management.
  • Recognize and analyze current and emerging trends in healthcare that directly impact management and healthcare delivery.
  • Are able (or better able) to address the major issues and challenges faces by healthcare providers and managers.
  • Employ appropriate problem assessment and resolution tools
  • Recognize the applications and limits of analysis and decision-making models.
  • Begin to develop the ability to structure decisions bearing on healthcare management and conflict resolution within the broader context of the organizational culture.
An Overview of the Program Structure
This intensive four-graduate-course program presents realistic strategies in an array of critical areas for healthcare management and leadership. The courses are delivered on-line learning with interaction among peers, advisors, academic and student services facilitators and, of course, field-specialists (all participating faculty hold MD’s and/or PhD’s and have experience in both higher education and in Healthcare Administration). Course content, graded assignments and shared discourse are all designed to provide readily-usable systems and strategies for the significant and ever-increasing challenges of healthcare management and leadership.

Courses positively exploit fine Internet features -- threaded discussions, chat, bulletin boards, e-mail, file sharing, and more for in-depth participation. You also have online library privileges, with instant search and retrieval of important databases, and the counsel of authoritative figures to lead you in the right directions.

The fourth and final course (HC 700) is a Research Project course, which allows each participant to produce a substantive and significant work focused upon his or her specialized interests within the broad field of Healthcare Administration. Once the proposal is approved, a group of highly-qualified faculty will provide guidance from start to finish to maximize the value of the experience and to foster successful (and meaningful) conclusion.

Further Study and Post-Certificate Transfer Options

Students interested in further study may transfer courses completed with a grade of “B” or better for the certificate directly toward degree requirements for the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta’s Master of Science degree program in Healthcare Administration.
Required Curriculum at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta
The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta’s Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration includes the following required courses:

Course No. Course Title Credits
HC 605
Healthcare Planning and Policy 3
HC 625 Healthcare Finance Management 3
HC 665 Principles of Quality Management in Healthcare 3
HC 700 Healthcare Administration - Final Project 3
Total 4 courses  12 credits

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or by a Ministry-recognized institution of higher education. (Submit official certification or proof of degree completion.)
  • Healthcare, Healthcare management or related Experience (Submit comprehensive rйsumй)

Requirements for Successful Completion of Certificate Program
Students must earn a grade of no less than B- in each of the four required courses. Note; While the grade of B- or better in each course will satisfy Certificate requirements, only grades of B or better may be subsequently transferred to any Holy Spirit University of Atlanta graduate degree program.
Awarding of Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration
Upon successful completion of all four courses (as specified above), the student will complete the “Application for Awarding of Certificate,” which will be reviewed by the Graduate Dean and then duly processed by the University Registrar.
Graduate Certificate Program Costs
Program Tuition: $4000
Books: $ 500 + shipping (Estimated cost)
University Certificate: $ 50