Why Enroll at UoA?

Open Enrollment Policy:
Holy Spirit University of Atlanta maintains an open enrollment policy. This means that a student can enter and begin their studies at any time throughout the year. There are no semester restrictions or enrollment constraints. You simply begin when you are ready and complete your program at your own pace.

Affordable Tuition and No interest Payment Plans:
When you make the decision to enroll at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta to complete your degree it's not only a great investment in your future, but a great value as well. To make getting your degree at the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta even more affordable, we offer a no interest payment plan.

Comprehensive Curriculum delivered in 100% Online Environment
The University's Virtual Campus is a computer and web-based learning environment that has replaced the traditional classroom for Holy Spirit University of Atlanta students. Students can communicate with instructors, interact with classmates, and conduct their research online. They can also:

  • Register for classes
  • Pay their tuition
  • Order their books
  • Meet with a Mentor
  • Obtain their grades
  • Request transcripts and more